Cases For Treatment

He is suffering pain alone,
Participate in the charity, perhaps this will be your rescuer…
After the war made him an orphan, cancer attacked his body. He has been left as a prey for cancer and in need.
Now he is exhausted by chemotherapy and asks God to prepare good people who will help him and his family to get the expenses of treatment journey and living.
There are many cancer children patients have left as a prey, so you can do something to help and support them.

10000 TRY

Musa tired of his war against cancer,
After bone marrow transplantation he needs to be isolated in a safe and healthy home.
Together let us be his hope ... and contribute to the sequel of his healing ..
His dream of recovery is almost certain with the help of God, or his life will be in danger if we do not help him to complete his treatment in a house ..
Who contributes in giving life and achieve a dream of healing?

6000 TRY

Looking for the price of treatment

5000 TRY

The treatment stopped seven months ago

3000 TRY

وتبقى رحلة علاجه لم تنتهِ

3000 TRY

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